Email will cease operations June 27, 2022.

We have been blessed to be able to offer CathoicWeb email for many years at no cost because it was originally a service obtained from Google at no cost. However, we were recently notified that Google will discontinue the service as of June 27, 2022. Read the announcement here.

We apologize for this difficult news, especially for those of you that have relied on our service for many years. Unfortunately, this change is out of our control. Below we have provided some tips and resources to help you migrate your email messages from your account to a free Gmail account. We are not in a position to offer email migration support beyond what is outlined below.

How you proceed with your account is up to you, but as of June 27, you will not be able to access your CatholicWeb email account any longer. If you intend to migrate your email messages to a different account, such as Gmail, we suggest starting as soon as possible and not waiting until June 27 approaches.

Email Migration Recommendations

  1. Switch to Gmail - We only recommend this because it is the same email service that was used by CatholicWeb email, so it will be a familiar experience. And it is free.
  2. Sync your old email messages in your Catholicweb account with your new Gmail account.* Read instructions here.
  3. Backup your Email and account using Google Takeout (useful if you elect to use a 3rd party email service)

*NOTE: Permission for Less Secure Apps may need to be enabled in your Catholicweb account before migration of messages. To enable Less Secure Apps: 1) Go to (You may need to sign in.) 2) Turn Allow less secure apps on.

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